Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Chetan Bhagat's 6th Fiction Book- "Half Girlfriend"! This October!

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Chetan Bhagat needs no introduction. Out of his first 5 fiction books, first 4 has already been adapted into movies while the 5th one is in process. His only one non-fiction book "What Young India Wants" remained at No.1 in Bestseller's list for almost an year. Now it's time to talk about his 6th fiction book that will be released in mid-October 2014. 

        Chetan Bhagat have revealed the name of the book- "HALF GIRLFRIEND". The plot says that a Bihari boy named Madhav falls in love with a girl. Madhav can't speak English properly while the girl is good at it. Madhav wants relationship but the girl doesn't. Girl wants to be just a friend with him but Madhav doesn't. At last, the girl compromises and agrees to be his half girlfriend. 

        By the plot, it's evident that story isn't something unique that we were expecting as Chetan is releasing a book after 3 years. But he can make it terrific with his funny one-liners and amazing observations about girls and boys. That's what his USP is. His last book Revolution 2020 wasn't liked much hence the hope with this one is too high. But still, on the first day itself, Revolution 2020 sold 5 lakh copies and by the 100th day of the release, it sold 1 million copies. FLipkart had to hire 700 boys to deliver the pre-order copies. Now that's the challenge Chetan will have to face. This is a big record to break and industry has changed a lot since then. People aren't much interested in such kind of books and even Chetan Bhagat has gained many haters. Let's see what happens.

While other authors catch bloggers like me to promote and market their books through reviews or advertisements, Chetan Bhagat releases the cover page of his new book by advertising on the first full page of The Times of India. Also, the pre-ordering of the book starts on Flipkart at Rs. 149 which is higher than prices of all his previous books. The ad also says that even after the book will officially release, it shall be available only on Flipkart for next 1 month. A big blow to bookstores. Chetan Bhagat is known for revolutionizing promotion and marketing of books through bookstores in every corner of India with his Five Point Someone. But after 10 years, it seems as if physical bookstores does not interests the author anymore. 

           Well, there is still 2.5 months left for the release of the book. Let's see what more tactics The Author plays to make this book a popular interest among youths and readers. He got along Vidya Balan for the launch of 2 States and Sonam Kapoor for Revolution 2020. Let's see which Bollywood actress he brings this time. My guess- Alia Bhatt or Jacqueline Fernandez it would be. :-) Let's wait and watch!

Pre-order the book here -->>
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